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Three Simple Steps to Start Living a Minimalist Lifestyle

Diperbarui: 2 Jul 2019

I’m new in this minimalist lifestyle. I’m attracted to this lifestyle because I’m living in a small apartment and I was having too many stuff. My apartment was so packed and I spent a lot of time cleaning up staff; plus I didn’t have enough space to relax in my own place. I was living an unhealthy lifestyle.

Then I start a new lifestyle. I start it slowly by doing these simple steps that I really eager to share with you as a kick off for a new lifestyle.

"I always like multi-function stuff and the digital stuff makes it so much easier to have this multi-function product.”

1. Shift to Digital

2. Get Multifunction stuff

Nah, I always like multifunction stuff and the digital stuff makes it so much easier to have this multifunction product. I used to listening music using my Ipod Nano, I used to taking pictures using my camera. Then now I use my mobile phone to practically doing many things: listen to music; watch movies; take pictures; read ebook and definitely to communicate. My bag is lighter for not bringing too many stuff.

For personal self-care products, I prefer multitasking ones – 2in1 shampoo and body wash; all purpose balm for face, hand and lips; face and body moisturizer. By using those multitasking products, I have more space, less clutter, save time and save money.

3. Online Shopping

Thanks to all of e-commerce and marketplace that make shopping easier. Online shopping helps me to live a minimalist lifestyle. It helps me to focus buying only things I need. I use search box to find products I need (mostly grocery). I discipline myself for not browsing other categories or checking other stuff that I don’t need. I usually buy my groceries from sayurbox.com and from tokopedia.com or shopee.co.id

It’s been more than one year I didn’t shop in a supermarket. I go to malls for buying experiences (dining, watching movies, instead of buying groceries). Online shopping helps me saving time and money! You should try it

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