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Powerful Breakfast: Cold Brew Mocha Protein Shake

Diperbarui: 25 Apr 2020

What is your breakfast essential?

Me? Definitely I need coffee

Cold Brew Mocha Protein Shake

Tapi minum kopi, apalagi kopi hitam, cold brew coffee tanpa gula itu ga bikin kenyang. Dan the best breakfast is high protein breakfast, karena high protein breakfast terbukti bikin kenyang lebih lama, meningkatkan metabolisme, support muscle health dan bikin hilang selera pengen ngemil. In short, high protein breakfast at the end helps to reduce weight dan eliminate belly fat. Hmm jadi itu sebabnya telur alias endog selalu ada di menu sarapan di hotel-hotel…

I make my life easier by combining my favorite: coffee and protein – jelas bukan endog ya.. I mix coffee and whey protein to make my very own perfect wake-me-up breakfast drink yang super easy to make (hanya dengan 3 ingredients) dan juga gampang dibawa ke mana-mana kalo pas buru-buru. Here is the recipe:


  • Shaker/blender

  • Mizudashi atau mason jar


  • 2 scoops of whey protein

  • 1 scoop of cacao powder - I use the real cacao powder from artisan coklat, Mesuji

  • 280ml cold brew coffee

How to Make

  1. Bikin cold brew coffee a night before

  2. Add cold brew coffee ke dalam shaker/blender

  3. Masukkan chocolate whey protein dan cacao powder

  4. Shake them all atau blend them

  5. Breakfast is ready!


Kalo kamu vegan, feel free to substitute whey protein dengan soy protein, atau rice protein atau pea protein.

Cold brew coffee bisa di-substitute sebagian dengan susu: whole milk or almond milk or soya milk; atau coconut milk atau air kelapa. Add extra ice cubes biar lebih segar

Kalau mau lebih manis, bisa ditambah chocolate syrup atau gula aren cair. Kalo pake blender, bisa juga dimasukkan kurma atau pisang

Have a powerful breakfast!!

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