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How to Make Cold Brew Coffee

Diperbarui: 25 Apr 2020

My everyday cold brew coffee

Kamu tim kopi panas atau kopi dingin?

I love kopi dingin – iced coffee, cold brew ataupun cold drip. I don’t need summer to come to enjoy my cold coffee. Bahkan di pagi hujan di bulan Januari seperti sekarang pun, saya akan tetap memilih menikmati kopi dingin.

Cold brew coffee is my favorite. Cold brew coffee dibikin dengan cara steeping water and coffee for at least 6 hours. Yes it takes time (to wait for the coffee to enjoy) but it has a smooth, mellow flavor, and low acidity (yaay, stomach-friendly coffee!!). Sweet flavor compounds in coffee are soluble in cold water, but acids and oils are not.

Bikin cold brew coffee ini gampang banget. Yang perlu diperhatikan untuk peminum kopi rumahan seperti saya adalah pilihan biji kopi, gilingannya dan lama merendamnya.


  • Coffee grinder

  • 1 glass jar (Mason jar) dan paper filter, atau

  • 1 Hario Mizudashi


  • Coffee bean – pilih Arabica dengan light to medium roasted

  • Water

How to Make

  1. Timbang dan siapkan kopi dan air yang dibutuhkan dengan ratio 1:10

  2. Giling coffee bean to coarse grind (kasar)

  3. Masukkan kopi yang telah digiling ke dalam Mizudashi atau Mason Jar. Tuang air

  4. Leave it for 6 -15 hours. I prefer to put it in the fridge

  5. Setelah at least 6 jam, ambil mizudashi atau mason jar dari fridge.

  6. Jika memakai mizudashi, lepaskan bagian stainer dan cold brew coffee siap dinikmati

  7. Jika memakai mason jar, siapkan paper filter (dan drip coffee, v60) untuk menyaring kopi. Setelah disaring, your cold brew is ready to enjoy

  8. Feel free to add milk or ice cubes atau my favorite is adding coconut water


My favorite coffee beans for cold brew: Bali Kintamani from Anomali Coffee and Aceh Gayo Wine from Phillocoffee. But I always try and explore different beans from various origins

Kopi yang digiling terlalu halus akan bikin rasanya jadi intense dan strong karena over-extracted

I hope you enjoyed this article. If you did please share with others and thank you for reading.

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