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Homemade Almond Coffee Dark Chocolate

Homemade Almond Coffee Dark Chocolate

Who doesn’t love chocolate?

Chocolate is one of my favourite snacks. I used to always have a bar of 200gr chocolate in my bag – for emergency, for snacking, and for making me happy! I used to love any kind of chocolate, mulai dari Toblerone (my first love!), 200gr Cadbury bar, to Chic Choc balls, Hershey Kiss, M&M, Ritter Sport (all those milk and sweet chocolate) dan sekarang beralih ke dark chocolate yang lebih engga manis dan lebih sehat. I can eat the whole 80gr dark chocolate bar in one time – boros euy

Ternyata making dark chocolate is easier than what I thought. Apalagi I always have cocoa butter dan cacao powder in stock (for DIY project dan for my breakfast routine). Making homemade dark chocolate ini hanya perlu at least 3 ingredients, which are: cocoa butter, cacao powder and sugar (best: honey, male syrup). On top of those three ingredients, kita bisa nambahin topping atau additional ingredients lain yang pengen kita explore such as kacang-kacangan, dried fruit atau fruit extract. Bikin homemade chocolate ini ga perlu baking atau kitchen tools yang ribet. It’s really quick, easy, simple and healthy!


  • Glass beaker

  • Kitchen scale

  • Whisk

  • Cetakan silicone

  • Spatula

Ingredients Bikin Homemade Dark Chocolate


  • 200gr cocoa butter

  • 50gr dark cacao powder

  • 30gr chocolate protein powder

  • 2 sticks of Luwak White Coffee Less Sugar

  • 3 tbsp granule sugar

  • A pitch of salt

  • Almond slice secukupnya

How to Make

  1. Timbang semua bahan

  2. Masukkan cocoa butter ke dalam glass beaker and melt it using double boiler method

  3. Setelah cocoa butter melted, angkat dari api.

  4. Add dark cocoa powder, protein powder, sugar and coffee to melted cocoa butter. Whisk properly

  5. Add a pinch of salt

  6. Check the taste. Adjust accordingly sebelum dituang ke cetakan

  7. Pour the mixture into silicone mold, tambahkan almond slices di tiap cavity cetakan.

  8. Put it in the freezer for one hour

  9. Unmould the chocolate

  10. Keep it in an airtight container and keep it in the fridge

DIY Dark Chocolate with Almond Slices, Vegan Protein and Coffee


Since I don’t have honey ataupun maple syrup, I substitute it with sugar. Ternyata granule sugar agak susah meleleh sempurna sehingga menimbulkan texture dan rasa sugar crunchy.

I experiment using 2 sachet of White Coffee Less Sugar – dengan pemikiran awal bahwa kopi instant ini akan lumer di dalam adonan, ternyata sama seperti granule sugar, it didn’t melt well. Ada texture and rasa “crunchy” yang tertinggal

Coklat ini sebaiknya disimpan di dalam kulkas. It can last for 2 weeks. Coklat ini gampang melunak di suhu ruangan.

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