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DIY Magnesium Body Cream for a Better Sleep

Making Yourself Magnesium Cream
DIY Magnesium Cream

Bulan lalu I had trouble falling asleep at night. I could stay awake until 3 or 4am. There were times when I could fall asleep at around 11pm but then I would wide awake at about 2 or 3am and I had trouble going back to sleep. It was exhausting and annoying. Then I stopped drinking coffee - ouch! But it turned out having no impact at all – minum kopi dan ga minum kopi tetep aja ga bisa tidur.

Dalam kegalauan tiap malam tak bisa tidur itu, I browsed and read articles, research journal and publication about insomnia. I found one keyword: Magnesium! Hell yes it’s been more than 3 months I didn’t take my magnesium supplement. Magnesium adalah mineral penting yang seringkali luput dari perhatian kita. Magnesium berperan penting di dalam lebih dari 300 enzyme reactions di dalam tubuh kita. Magnesium helps keep blood pressure normal, bones strong, and the heart rhythm steady. It has many functions include helping with muscle and nerve function, regulating blood pressure, and supporting the immune system – my dentist before advised me to take magnesium to help with my TMJ disorder. By helping to quiet the nervous system, magnesium may help prepare our body and mind for sleep.

Selama 10 hari terakhir ini I take magnesium supplement regularly – it is advised to take it after meal and at least 2 hours before sleep. In addition, I also make my own magnesium cream untuk digunakan di kaki sebelum tidur. It is said that combining oral and transdermal administration of magnesium will give the best results in raising magnesium levels to normal. Magnesium dapat di-absorb oleh kulit, (transdermal magnesium) – therefore we find easily what so called “magnesium oil” (it is not real oil, ini adalah a mixture of magnesium and water yang menghasilkan texture oily liquid) and magnesium cream in the market.

Apakah saya berhasil sleep well dengan bantuan magnesium? Hwell…Beberapa hari terakhir I have a very good sleep! Apakah masih bangun tengah malam? Sometimes, for pee, but then I can go back to sleep.

So, here I share DIY bikin sendiri magnesium cream supaya bisa tidur lebih mudah.


  • Glass beaker

  • Hand blender

  • Glass jar atau tube container

  • Spatula

  • Glass stirrer


  • 125gr magnesium flakes

  • 45gr boiling water

  • 1gr preservative – I use phenoxyethanol

  • 60gr carrier oil – I use mint infused coconut oil

  • 30gr emulsifying wax – I use polawax

  • 45gr cocoa butter

  • 10 drops essential oil (optional)

How to Make

  1. Mix magnesium flakes with boiled water. Stir until it dissolves dan tambahkan preservative, then let it cool (this one is usually sold as magnesium oil)

  2. Measure carrier oil, emulsifying wax dan cocoa butter dan masukkan dalam glass beaker

  3. Lelehkan dengan menggunakan double boiler method

  4. Setelah semuanya melted, angkat dari api and let it cool

  5. Pour slowly magnesium to the oil mixture sambil terus diaduk dengan menggunakan hand blender. Aduk sampai rata dengan sempurna. This process is taking time, yang sabar ya

  6. Masukkan ke dalam fridge for 15 minutes, kemudian di-aduk lagi menggunakan hand blender agar mendapatkan teksture butter yang lebih soft.

  7. Pindahkan ke dalam jar.

How to Use

Gunakan this magnesium cream at night sebelum tidur. Oleskan di telapak kaki dan betis. It can also be applied to other body area and you can also use it during the day. It is also great to use on sore muscle atau mengatasi pegal-pegal.


I use food grade magnesium chloride for this recipe as it is well absorbed. You can opt to other types of magnesium. I found other DIY recipe using Epsom salt (aka magnesium sulphate) which is also easy to dissolve in the water dan juga sering digunakan sebagai garam rendam.

Should you like to add essential oil, masukkan essential oil setelah magnesium dan oil part tercampur dengan sempurna. For this recipe, I use wintergreen essential oil.

Cara untuk membuat infused oil ada di link ini. You can always pick other carrier oil such as sunflower oil atau grapeseed oil. I don’t recommend using olive oil agar cream ini tidak terlalu greasy. Selain daun mint, alternative lain adalah menggunakan jahe atau capsaicin infused oil untuk meredakan pegal-pegal.

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