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Bikin Sendiri Mocha Face Mask

Diperbarui: 25 Apr 2020

Looking for an instant glowing skin? Try this mocha face scrub!

Face Mask

Face mask adalah satu dari sekian produk I stop buying. Why? Karena it is easy to make dengan menggunakan bahan-bahan natural dan hasilnya juga wow. I used honey for face mask – especially manuka honey, ketika lagi sering berjerawat. I used it once every two days. Kulit jadi terhidrasi, lembut dan jerawat berkurang.

Since I drink coffee everyday dan menghasilkan sampah ampas kopi, I reuse spent coffee grounds into various products, such as body scrub, lilin aromaterapi, bath bombs dan kali ini let’s do face mask! Kopi dikenal mengandung antioksidan yang mengurangi inflamasi pada kulit. In this recipe, I mix it with cocoa powder to promote soft skin dan honey sebagai natural humectant that locks in moisture.

Let’s make easy face mask with only 3 ingredients


  • 1 stirrer – bisa sendok apapun

  • 1 mangkok

  • 1 set of measurement spoon

  • 1 jar/container tertutup


  • 1 tbsp coffee grounds (bisa pakai ampas kopi)

  • 1 tbsp cocoa powder

  • 3 tbsp honey

How to Make

  1. Siapkan coffee grounds dan cocoa powder dalam mangkok

  2. Aduk sampai rata

  3. Masukkan madu, aduk lagi sampai rata

  4. Face mask is ready to use. Simpan di container tertutup

How to Use

  1. Bersihkan wajah dengan face cleanser

  2. Ambil masker secukupnya dengan menggunakan sendok

  3. Apply directly on clean face

  4. Let it sit. Tunggu sampai masker mongering

  5. Bilas dengan air hangat

  6. Follow with moisturizer


Madu memiliki tekstur, konsistensi yang berbeda-beda. I use madu Uray and I need about 3 tbsp to make this face mask. If you use another type of honey, feel free to adjust how much you need to make this mask to be able to sit on your face comfortably

Alternative to honey: milk, yoghurt, orange/lemon juice (untuk kulit berjerawat/oily)

Please use pure cocoa powder – no sugar and other additional ingredients.

You can always substitute coffee grounds with fresh coffee grounds (wet used coffee grounds). Kalau menggunakan ampas kopi basah, use this mask right away – habiskan dalam 1 kali pemakaian (you can reduce the amount of cocoa powder, coffee grounds and honey).

I hope you enjoyed this article. If you did please share with others and thank you for reading.

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